Meeting members and parners of cluster


16th March, 2017

The first meeting of the supreme authority (members' meeting) cluster EWIC in 2017 took place in city Kolín in the conference room of the CEROP's  building (legal seat of the cluster). Foreword included the Chairman of the Executive Board Milan Turena, who after the opening speech, CEB introduced to members and partners with the future plans of the cluster. Negotiations, of course, attended by representatives of small and medium enterprises (photo) and representatives of academic institutions (photo). We thank everyone involved for their support, suggestions and energy devoted discussions (photo1, photo2, photo3).

Science Research Innovation Fair

Feb 28th - Mar 2nd, 2017
We looked for on this fair, both because of exhibitors and partly because of the internationalization of the cluster, namely seminars NATUREEF + V4ClusGo. But first, we back to the fair to participated at conference ,, STARTUP - Path to Success " which took us a presentation on the topic of intellectual property protection (photo). After the conference, we walked around the pavilion B, and we ran into an interesting accompanying seminar API agency of innovation vouchers, here we postponed the (photo). The next day we walked around exhibitors. Our view was focused on robotic systems composed of Merkur (see. photo1, photo2), at this moment we returned to our youth. Participation in the second conference was about future cities  ,, SMARTREGION - SMART CITY "(photo1, photo2). New electric vehicle from Hyundai was introduced at this seminar, model IONIQ  (photo1, photo2). The ending of the fair was mentioned seminar NATUREEF + V4ClusGo organized by National Cluster association headed PaedDr. Pavla Břusková (photo1, photo2). The entire Fair we enjoyed and we will looking for next fair.

207. Žofínské fórum "State energy policy, energy security of the Czech Republic, EU energy system: Winter package from the European Commission and its economic impacts"

Feb 21st, 2017

The first event of 2017, which we could not miss was Žofínské fórum with the theme of energy in the Czech Republic and the EU. The seminar was attended Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, Minister of Industry and Trade Jan Mládek and prominent personalities in the field of energy (see. photo1, photo2). For us, of course, we could not miss Chief of executive board Milan Turena and cluster manager Jan Salavec. Our two specialists were attracted presented the concept of energy and its problems in future years.


Trade fair of electric vehicles ,,eCarTec München 2016"

Oct 18th-20th, 2016
At this event we are really looking forward very much. Elon Musk did not exaggerate and we could see on our own eyes the Tesla Model X, which is really not bad. (photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4, photo5, photo6, photo7 and photo8). Design, ergonomics, technical processing of this model are impressive. We originally wanted also tested technical parameters of the vehicle for 3 days , but unfortunately it did not happen. Munich was not just about Tesla. As you can see in other films, we really liked the HYUNDAI IONIQ (photo1, photo2, photo3, photo4, photo5), this car promises a range 280 km on a single charge and according to tests published on idnes.cz (see tests) really gives 250 km and more. Of course we could not miss BMW stand with their new hybrid BMW 225X (photo1, photo2, photo3), but still the hybrid electric car is still only 1/2 to ¼ or more ways. Quite interesting categories were commercial vehicles - emovum educati (which was originally a utility FIAT - photo1, photo2, photo3) or even something much bigger - CARGO class from EMOSS (photo1, photo2, photo3). It reminds you a bit of MAN trucks? Maybe, but you'll find the huge diesel engine? (photo1). And finally some interesting ATVs (photo1, photo2, photo3), this ,,red lizard" is very appealing (photo1, photo2, photo3) and motorcycles (photo1, photo2, photo3). We liked it that much, so a few ideas for Czech environment would have definitely found. We look forward to the next event of elektricvehicles. Milan Turena.

Conference "Effective electromobility in organizations"

Oct 4th, 2016
We are very interested in electric cars. And we try not to miss a single opportunity to learn something new that we could progress in our projects in the field of electromobility. The Conferences organized by our partners Consulting Services are always a good choice. Perfect organization, a number of innovations, pleasant environment, friendly atmosphere and high expertise Ing. Pavla Slavikova and Ing. Jakub Slavik for us are clear guarantees. We highly recommended both professionals. The hosts events from the conference center, Green Point in Prague 10 prepared for the action a very good environment and also plenty of room for showing off electric vehicles - traditionally Nissan, VW and BMW. Finally, with our partners from HTI cluster also drove in utility eNV200. More about the event can be read on web site Consulting Services here, and also on our partner’s web site from Pardubice HTI cluster here.

Cluster EWIC has new address

Oct 1st, 2016
To all partners and supporters to announce that as of today we have new office space in the premises of the Business Incubator CEROP Kolin. At the present days, the gradual migration agenda and also in cooperation with the office of Kolin work is the selection process for cluster office assistant. So, in a beautifully refurbished and repaired areas in the Sokolska street we will look forward to you. On the attached link here you can see CEROP areas where we work, and which are generated under the project city of Kolin with contributions from EU funds.


The days of clusters in the central Bohemia

Sep 6th, 2016

The second day of clusters in the Czech Republic - this time with us in the Central Bohemia we attended a conference and seminary events in Dolni Brezany (laser research center ELI). For our cluster attended the event manager Jan Salavec and one of the main cluster members CES Ltd., which presented the Chairman of the Executive Board of the cluster Milan Turena. Thank you for helping our participation belongs Central Bohemian Innovation Centre, with whom we hope for further future cooperation, the National Cluster Association for their support in preparing the transformation of our cluster and colleagues from Pardubice HTI cluster for organizational support and logistics (cooperation with them, we already have a bit Tried on clusters of Pardubice, where some of our members have already introduced). For more information visit SiC’s website here.




EWIC Cluster (full name: Energy-water innovation cluster) is a special interest association with its headquarters in Kolin, brings together natural and legal persons with an interest in progressive innovation for cooperation, science and research in the region of Central Bohemia operating throughout the country. 

The main activities of Cluster EWIC :

  • development, research and innovation to increase competitiveness, especially for small and medium enterprises, focusing on:
    • energy - especially renewable resources of energy, energy management and energy saving
    • energy decentralization, local distribution networks, Smart Grids, Off Grids
    • certification and analysis and auditing for electrical,  gas nad water
    • protection of intellectual property (patents, inventions, know-how)
    • activities in the field of ICT (measurement, control, intelligent networks and transmission of data, software and hardware solutions)
  • cooperation with universities, colleges, secondary schools and technical and research institutions
  • brand advertising for cluster and industry sector, and other PR activities
  • advisory, training and staff development


Industry sectors of the cluster:

  • Energy, electromobility, alternative resources
  • Gas industry, measurement and regulation, health protection
  • Water energy, supplies, quality management

Targets of the cluster:

Innovative cluster EWIC has a clear vision of what role it should in the innovation and development in the Czech Republic in Central Bohemia stand for. Its goal is to be an open platform for innovative development projects in the area of intelligent and energy-friendly and safe and innovative solutions in the field of gas and water, and also be the link between the commercial sector and scientific research capacities, such as universities or research institutes. For its members (and not only them) will cluster assume the coordinator and organizer of the requisite training and educational events (seminars, conferences) to provide and convey support for patent procedures and certification processes and products, and last but not least, the cluster and the builder and intermediary foreign contacts for marketing, exporting, but also for getting foreign know-how and partner to large international projects.


1.     Česká energeticko-auditorská společnost Ltd.                  
2.     NEXTCOM Ltd.
3.     Hi-Tech innovation cluster 
4.     RPIC Pce Ltd.
Asociace organizace pro stavbu plynových zařízení a protikorozní ochranu 
6.     Společnost pro svařování produktů       
CEROP Kolin, funded organization
Fastra Ltd.
9.     České sdružení pro technická zařízení 
10.   Hutira-Brno Ltd.
Electric Ltd.
12.   University of Pardubice, FEA
13.   University of Pardubice, FEEI
14.   KTV Galaxie
15.   SOU Plynárenské Pardubice

16.   Eurocom Company Group Ltd.
17.   JEKU Ltd.
18.   CNG realizační Ltd.
19.   NRTS CZ s.r.o.
20.   GridServices s.r.o.


  • NEXTCOM s.r.o.
  • Česká energeticko - auditorská společnost s.r.o.
  • SOU Plynárenské Pardubice
  • KTV Galaxie z.s.
  • Univerzita Pardubice, FEI
  • Univerzita Pardubice, FES
  • ASSORTIS Electric s.r.o.
  • Hutira - Brno s.r.o.
  • České sdružení pro technická zařízení z.s.
  • Fastra s.r.o.
  • CEROP Kolín, příspěvková organizace
  • Česká společnost pro svařování produktů z.s.
  • Asociace organizací pro stavbu plynových zařízení a protikorozní ochranu z.s.
  • RPIC Pce s.r.o.
  • Hi-Tech inovační klastr z.s.
  • Česká společnost pro jakost z.s.
  • Národní klastrová asociace
  • Consulting Services
  • CNG realizační s.r.o.
  • JEKU s.r.o.
  • GridServices, s.r.o.





  • Section 1 „Strategy and management“

(section leader Jan Salavec)

  • Section 2 „Marketing and international relations“

(section leader Zdeněk Polanský)​

  • Section 3 „Projects and activities“

​(section leader Milan Turena)

  • ,,Research and development of hybrid systems“

  • ,,Smart grids“

  • ,,Multi fast charging station“

  • ,,Developing elements for water supply“

  • ,,Mobile station wagon - a source of water and electric energy“

  • ,,Innovation process and management“

  • ,,Software support projects“



Manager of cluster:

Chairman of Executive Board:



Energy-water innovation cluster
Třída Míru 90
530 02 Pardubice
Czech Republic
ID number: 053 65 376

Josef Večeř
Phone: +420 777 911 100
Email: vecer@ewic.cz

Milan Turena
Phone: +420 601 555 266
Email: turena@ewic.cz

Svatoslava Turenová
Tel.: +420 735 757 086
Email: turenova@ewic.cz


If you have any questions, please contact us!